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    服務咨詢熱線: 0317-5693789
    熱門點擊: 保健品瓶|亞克力保健品瓶|膠囊瓶|含片瓶|高硼硅玻璃瓶|石斛瓶|蟲草玻璃瓶|
    滄州明潔藥用包裝有限公司是_生產藥用玻璃瓶, 保健品瓶,亞克力瓶,藥用塑料瓶,口服液瓶,管制瓶,中性硼硅西林瓶,試劑瓶,色譜進樣瓶,保健品塑料瓶,棕色藥瓶,高硼硅廣口瓶,精油瓶,化妝品瓶,抗生素瓶,凍干玻璃瓶,螺紋口瓶,廣口瓶,吸塑內托,鋁蓋,扭斷式防盜鋁蓋,鋁塑組合蓋,丁基膠塞,硅膠塞,特氟龍覆膜硅膠墊片。技術力量雄厚,工藝設備_,檢測系統完備,生產經驗豐富。


    Cangzhou Mingjie Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is a modern corporation. We own the greatest production scale, the most product series and the highest quality in domestic medicine industry. We follow GMP standards. We are a membership unit of Chinese Pharmaceutical Packing Association.

    Our main products are 1ml-80ml glass tube bottle for medicine, oral liquid bottle, tube vial for antibiotic, fungus bottle, screw thread bottle, character-printing bottle, aluminum cap, aluminum-plastic cap, dilacerate completed aluminum cap, plastic product for medicine, electron plastic product, and food plastic product. Our company is fitted with powerful technical force, advanced technological equipment, complete detection system and rich factory practices.

    In recent years, encouraged by the spirit of "being pioneering, fighting and enterprising", due to the intensive and pioneering efforts of staff, our annual output of oral liquid bottle and antibiotic bottle has exceeded 600 million, in the front ranks of the same kind of products. The annual output of injection plastic packaging tray for medicine and oral liquid and plastic tray have exceeded 1 billion, in the first place in China.

    We can be your reliable partners with efficient production, advanced production process, extensive supply capacity, superior quality guarantee and perfect after-sale service. Our company hopes to go forward hand in hand and corporate to create a splendid future with you!


    公司名稱:滄州明潔藥用包裝有限公司 公司地址:滄州市運河區 北京路天成財富中心801-804  電話:0317-5693789 傳真:0317-5693789 手機:15833780666  
    網址:http://www.zomorodgasht.com 冀ICP備12014839號-4 
    滄州明潔藥用包裝有限公司 2018(C)版權所有 并對網站所有內容保留解釋權 
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